Annual Reports

Annual Reports

2023 -31/03/2023 Annual Reports

2021 Annual Reports

2022 -30/09/2022 Annual Reports

2022 -30/06/2022 Annual Reports

2022 -30/03/2022 Annual Reports

2021 Annual Reports

2021-30/09/2021 Annual Reports

2021-30/06/2021 Annual Reports

2021-30/03/2021 Annual Reports




Valuation Reports and Statement of Responsibility

Valuation Report

Independent Valuation Responsibility Statement

Istanbul Technical University, Mining Faculty, Geology and Mining Engineering Department Reserve Report

Statement of Responsibility for Reserve Determination


Evaluation Report on the Assumptions Based on the Determination of the Public Offering Price – 31.03.2021

Independent Lawyer Report

Independent Lawyer Report

Investor Relations

Boğaziçi Beton aims to increase its investor relations at international standards, with its corporate governance values ​​and partnerships based on trust.




We offer you our special production concrete, especially all concrete classes in accordance with TS EN 206 and its national annex.



Quality and Environmental Policy

Our institution continues its efforts to leave a more livable environment for future generations.



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