Special and Technical Concretes

Special and Technical Concretes

It is our special and technical concrete types that are completely designed in a region independent of our production facilities. 

Fiber Reinforced Concretes
Our concrete reinforced with micro or macro synthetic fibers and steel wire reinforcements has the feature of preventing crack formation with increased tensile strength, strength and durability. It is especially prepared for usage areas such as large surface areas, tunnels, industrial floors, parking lot, gas station areas.
Colored Concretes
The colored concretes that we produce by hand in the targeted color with a wide color scale for architectural and gross uses serve visual and structural use.
Pressed Concretes
We have concrete solutions that are suitable for obtaining very different design surfaces using the printing technique.
Ready Plaster
Our ready-made plasters, which we deliver to the construction sites in big bags and have a usage period of up to 3 days, provide quickness and ease of use in work, and have high adhesion properties.
Screed Concretes
It is prepared according to the needs in very different compositions for floor levelling operations before coating. Abrasion and pressure resistance also provides the advantage of sound and heat insulation.
Concretes with Visible Aggregate Surface
By applying a retarder and washing the concrete surface while it is fresh, it is possible to obtain highly decorative surfaces where aggregates and cement paste appear. We have applications that we diversify with aggregates of different sizes and colors.
White Concrete
White exposed concrete, of which we have seen many examples in various countries of the world such as Spain, is carefully prepared as a special composition. It offers high durability, very long-lasting use, and has the ability to maintain its white and clean appearance.
Impermeable Concrete
We have impermeable concrete designs in different chemicals and/or compositions suitable for environmental effects, specifications and purpose. It can be used easily and safely, especially in structures exposed to active chemicals such as chlorine and sulphate, and/or in construction elements exposed to water, and in concreting in the sea. Our impermeability enhancing solutions that block possible uncontrolled cracks with crystallized chemicals are also preferred in terms of ease of use recently.

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We offer you our special production concrete, especially all concrete classes in accordance with TS EN 206 and its national annex.



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