Mining Management

We continue the production with our Aggregate Mine and Stone Crushing facilities. 


Our Facilities

We extract Aggrega ın our facilities which is the raw material of concrete production. It is the facility has the largest capacity on the European Side of Istanbul, with an annual production capacity of 160 hectares and an annual production capacity of 6,000,000 tons. 



Our Mining Operations

In addition to the production and sale of ready-mixed concrete, which is our main field of activity, we also produce aggregate, which affects both the quality and cost of concrete, within our own structure. Thus, we achieve a significant competitive and quality advantage in concrete production. 

We operate the highest capacity Aggregate Mine on the European Side of Istanbul with our 2 Stone Crushing facilities with an annual aggregate production capacity of 6,000,000 tons. 

According to the October 2018 Reserve Report prepared by Istanbul Technical University, in our approximately 160 hectare mine site; It has been determined that there is an aggregate reserve of 270 million tons. 


Get To Know Us Better

Investor Relations

Boğaziçi Beton aims to increase its investor relations at international standards, with its corporate governance values ​​and partnerships based on trust.




We offer you our special production concrete, especially all concrete classes in accordance with TS EN 206 and its national annex.



Quality and Environmental Policy

Our institution continues its efforts to leave a more livable environment for future generations.



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